Test 2019 – rip-off or real Sexdates

Test 2019 - rip-off or real SexdatesTest 2019 - rip-off or real Sexdates

Test 2019 - rip-off or real Sexdates

Poppen.de in the Test.

Poppen.de is the right Portal for you if you’re in search of a non-binding erotic Meetings. Almost all of the members on the Portal discrete, solid relationships, etc. will not be searched.

Due to the existing surplus of men, the women are slightly in the advantage, because their selection is bigger. Men who want to fuck, should stand out even at the contact of other men, in order to have a chance at a Date with a woman .

Whether you’re a member of a Single or a fling looking for is less relevant. There are many assigned users are logged in poppen.de that cheating want to.

The advantages and disadvantages of the portal.

Strengths Sex weaknesses of Sex Poppen.de facilitates the search for erotic Dates of The manner in Poppen.de it is not always pleasant Poppen.de is a strong focus on the erotic is fixed At Poppen.de there is a significant surplus of men in The operation of Poppen.de in just a few minutes to learn The support hotline Poppen.de is unfortunately a bit too expensive Poppen.de brings many learning functions with many professional women in the System a Lot of experience since the inception in the year 2004 Key contact for the Poppen.de free of charge.

How does the structure of the ?

In the case of poppen.de there are clearly more men than women, with a Rate of approximately 40 percent women to 60 percent men must make an effort, a man considerably more to a woman to get to know.

The average age among women is between 35 and 45 years, men between 25 and 35 years. Generally speaking, the female members are older, there are relatively few women between the ages of 20 and 25 on the Portal.

Members activity poppen.de.

approximately 360.000 messages sent every day, around 20,000 members active at the same time, Prime-time, around 100,000 active Logins daily.

The men are in Poppen.de clearly the more active user group, they answer on average faster and are not afraid to contact new women. The women are more reserved and wait to be contacted by the man .

How high is the response rate in the case of a woman, is dependent on several factors. Very important is the nature of the contact, a boring standard message is answered far less often than a creative contact.

According to Poppen.de every day be sent between 350,000 and 500,000 messages on the System. There is also the free basic membership allows you to send messages, the number is realistic.

Sign in to poppen.de.

Poppen.de is only usable if you have registered previously at the Portal. The registration process takes about ten minutes of time.

Relevant personal data such as your E-Mail address, birthday, an E-Mail confirmation for the use of the portal etc. As required, query the specified address must be valid .

The profile itself can be created after the E-Mail confirmation. A bar shows how much percent of the profile is finished. The bar is to 100 percent, increase the chances of getting a Date, of course, since other members are happy about a lot of information .

In the case of the personal profile data, various information may be made:

Date of birth mother language and foreign languages of origin, ethnicity, body size and weight, figure, eye color, hair color & hair length, beard, body hair, pubic hair, sexual orientation, length of the limb and the diameter (in men) breast size and bra size (for women) glasses carrier growth (in men) Yes or no smoker Yes or no Tattoos and Piercings? Physical Disabilities? HIV-positive?

In addition to these predefined data is the possibility to create a free text and to leave a first personal impression. In addition, a further free-text can be filled with the personal, sexual fantasies .

In order to give a first insight into the sexual preferences, can be selected, preferred and rejected game species from a large Pool with a keyword and are then displayed on the profile .

Photos and Videos.

The own profile can be spiced up with photos and Videos. A distinction is made between the FSK16 and FSK18 photos and Videos. Material, which is only intended for FSK18 members, can only be viewed by other users, if they have completed the age check. In addition, you can create public and private galleries. The public galleries can be viewed by any user of poppen.de the private galleries are, however, only from your friends.

You also have the possibility to create your profile with a custom background image to personalize.

The Profile Interview.

Even more of you to divulge, can you in your profile some interview questions that revolve around the theme of eroticism. Questions can rotate, for example, about how you poppen.de to know whether have you ever had an erotic experience with more than one Person, or how you imagine the perfect, erotic Date. The more information you’re doing here, the more curious you make other members on you and increase your contact chances.

The authenticity verification for more security.

Statistically, responses seen, particularly in women much more often to messages if they come from a member with authenticity status. The authenticity test Poppen.de is for free in General, the activation is performed within 24 hours.

In order to complete the exam, you will need to write your user name from poppen.de on a piece of paper with the current date. Now, you’re taking a photo of you with the piece of paper and send this to the Support. The image is not published in your profile, but used only for testing purposes. As soon as the Support has seen your picture is your profile with the seal of Authenticity .

The contact at Poppen.de.

There are Poppen.de several ways to come into contact with other users .

In the Chat of 2,000 registered users, who have spread out to different rooms are average. There, you can quickly and harmlessly make contact. Since the chat rooms according to locations and subjects are separated, you can find here fast members with whom you are on a wave length lying.

Both base members, as well as for Premium and VIP members, there are forums at Poppen.de to facilitate contact. Due to various issues you come easier with others, it is also possible to create an own application .

Classic contact via the profile:

You are visiting the profile of another Person, you can choose different ways to contact us. If you are willing to invest’re points, you can send a Rose to another member with a personal message.

It is send possible a pre-defined flirt message. This function is the same for all membership types available, can be used by basic members, but only in the case of long-established profiles .

Most of the Profiles have their own guestbook, where you can take a personal item left behind. Guest books are a public Form of contact and most women do not respond with an answer. Nevertheless, a small attention in the guestbook in connection with a personal message is a good way to make pay attention to you .

The most classic method is to send a personal message. Here, it is important, when the subject of an original line to get noticed. Messages can also be sent to offline members are sent, the messenger feature is only available if the member is online .

There is also the opportunity to position your message at the top in the Inbox of the recipient .

Review by Julia, 43 from Bremen.

When I logged in poppen.de I was not convinced that this is the right decision. Positively surprised me that the page looks quite discreet in the light of the Themes of gravity.

I have had within two hours, more than 50 messages in my Inbox and about half of it was just so boring, or even perverse, that I deleted it without comment. “Hi-man” and “I want You-messages” have at me, unfortunately, no Chance.

In the Chat I found rough to the tone of something, the gentlemen made, in part, no effort to imagine, or to chat a bit creative. There is a very direct requests and demands have been made, what has put me off personally .

However, there were also many positive Surprises and on the second day, I met a man, with me more than just the common origin of the Association. We had similar sexual interests and its authenticity has shown me that I can trust him .

We have been waiting for four days, until we met eventually in the Hotel. I regret the experience, because Dirk, so my date was called has given me a few very nice hours .

I personally do not use poppen.de regularly, but only when I’m in the mood on a Date. Since the premium membership is cheap, I decided from the start. It’s never boring on the page and as long as I’m not looking for a relationship, I will look there from time to time purely.

Design & Operation.

The Design of Poppen.de was revised in the year 2015 and is now significantly more pleasant than it was before. For basic members, there is no ad blocker, which can limit the functionality. Very much aggressive advertising affects the loading times of the site massively. In the ad-free Version of the page is, however, good to use and there are hardly any delays in load time.

The individual functions are self-serve-explanatory and good to positive views of foreign Profiles. The most important information, a preview image and the display of the existing image galleries can be directly after the first click on the profile looked at .

What are the features of Poppen.de?

In the case of Poppen.de there are some functions that should make it easier to understand:

Active Chat Rooms.

A good communication way of the Chat poppen.de that is especially frequented in the evenings is good. There is on the part of the portal some of the pre-set rooms according to provinces and regions. Each member has also the opportunity to open a private, themed room, and to wait on other users. Nice Gimmick: You can use your own photo in the Chat as an Avatar .

There are a selection of Smileys, especially suitable for the “Poppen”-Smiley is 🙂 So that makes chat fun!

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