Media King – Rupert Murdoch

Keith Rupert Murdoch is a media mogul with a far reaching influence in the news industry that is unmatched by anyone else in the same industry. Rupert Murdoch trivia will usually want to comment on the wealth of this man who has often been a member of the Forbes 400, and in 2009 he was estimated to be the 132nd richest person alive, worth over four billion dollars. He was born in Australia and began his reach into the media industry with a newspaper in Adelaide, but quickly grew to own multiple newspapers both in Australia and abroad, as well as branching into television, films, and the internet as each grew in popularity.

A Rupert Murdoch quiz would state that his empire began with News Limited, but that it was through the acquisition of other companies and publications that he would find his talent for building a corporation. The first company that he bought was a Perth newspaper, the “Sunday Times”, and once he made it successful he quickly began to continue expansion, using his skill to make each company more successful after he bought it than it had ever been before he has purchased it.

Rupert Murdoch trivia will of course need to mention the fact that in addition to his power in Australia, he also became a major player in the UK and in America. His influence in Britain due to his control of the media was considerable. His papers always had clear political favorites whom they favored within their pages, and Murdoch would gain significant political power himself. When Tony Blair came to power they eventually began to meet in secret, and were suspected by many of discussing policy, something that many people would hold up as a criticism of Blair in the future.

Murdoch has remained an active player in the media right up to the present day, and a Rupert Murdoch quiz would include some interesting facts about his current activities that many may not know, such as the fact that his companies bought a company called Intermix Media Inc. which owned , showing that Murdoch has remained flexible and been sure to adapt to the changing world. In addition to MySpace, one of Murdochs companies which has emerged as the most well known in the States is the Fox News Network, something which Murdoch created to compete with CNN which is owned by his primary rival, Ted Turner.

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