LemonSwan Test 2019 At par with Parship and ElitePartner

on LemonSwan very well

LemonSwan in the Test of 2019 – as well as Parship and ElitePartner?

of elite partners founder Arne Kahlke scientifically sound Matching about 70% of the academics are above average, attractive members members are Hand-checked and approved for high standard of safety for Single parents, students, and apprentices, free of charge.

Registration Process: 4,5 /5 Contact: 4,0 /5 Profile Information: 3,0 /5 Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

Our Test Report.

From the creators of Parship and ElitePartner, a new star is in June 2017 in the sky of the Online Dating services: LemonSwan. “What women want” is the Motto. Because Lemonswan women should feel comfortable, without being harassed or spammed. Ensure “bouncers inside”, the newly created Profiles to check the authenticity and serious intentions .

Developed the Portal in Vietnam, but is under German management in the Hamburg office. Don’t worry – all data is stored on German servers !

The unusual Name LemonSwan is memorable and cleverly chosen. Swans are monogamous, live animals are also for their extraordinary beauty. On the Portal particularly attractive, and successful Singles to find together, want to have a serious relationship. The basic color of the portal an attractive lime green, what LemonSwan clearly stands out from the market leaders Parship (red) and elite partner (blue) .

Anyone who is registered here?

72% of academics attractive members of the gender ratio of Singles to a serious life partner, The number of members is increasing steadily.

LemonSwan delivers what it promises. Through the personal examination of all Profiles only the Singles come through, which really correspond to the principle of the matchmaking. This Pre-test saves the background of the members of time, nerves and minimizes the risk of a disappointment from the outset. It is set to an elite and discerning group of Singles, according to the Website 70% of the members are considered attractive, and 72% have a University education.

The registration process.

Psychological personality Test duration of about 18 minutes is Also interesting for the personal evaluation.

After the registration via E-Mail, Facebook or a Google account of the psychological Test that aims to simplify the process of Matching begins immediately. Here are the classic 5 points of the 5-factor personality model will be questioned, what is the use of Parship and elitepartner Matching:

Openness, Responsibility, Extraversion, Compatibility, Emotionality.

It is in advance pointed out: For this Test you should allow yourself time and peace of mind. Because there are some questions, and this honestly is the answer to the first commandment. Finally, it comes to finding the ideal Partner, and to fit to your own personality and not an invented.

The Questions.

psychological Test that aims

“The extent to which the following statements apply to you?”, for example: I am inventive and resourceful; Material possessions don’t make you happy “To which of the following topics are you interested in?”, for example: Medical issues, Housing and Set-up; celebrities “On how many days in the last week have you exercised in the following activities?” for example: With friends, taken; listened to the Radio, “What do you see as Living and furnishing, particularly important?”, for example: I love to decorate my apartment .

As a answer option to select a point between, for example, “is” – “not agree at all” or “not at all” – “every day”, etc .

Furthermore, to answer a few questions for own leisure, way of life and the future, presentation to the other Singles the best possible overall image convey. Also information about level of education and income can be stated, however, these are not as elite partner is an exclusion criterion.

The Result.

Then one obtains immediately the results of the personality analysis. To get each of the “Big 5” a short Text to one’s own personality and partnership personality – i.e. how pronounced the feature is, how it is defined and how the ideal Partner should be, so that it fits to each other .


Matching via personality test, and other information Exclusively for personal messages, image sharing, Everyone can each cover letter.

Sub-partner proposals will be explained to you in order of the Matching points of your ideal Partner. The Radius you can, again, under search settings to narrow down what is especially important, when you meet someone your age or, for example, only non-smokers looking for.

The Profiles and those in the cover letter you are happy with! Much wrong you can do here 🙂 In the ideal case, of course, always open, honest and friendly.

Profile information.

You can upload multiple images-free text and Info-questions Directly Matching result can be viewed on The Profile in detail.

At a glance everything you can about the opposing Single know: size, age, Job, Smoking habits, Hobbies, and the matching result, also with regard to your interests. The latter shows, in which points you agree with as good agreement, and where your each other could RUB.In comparison to the single exchanges can be seen in Lemonswan on the profile quickly and well, whether you have interest in the other Person and you want to get to know .

Under the Tab Matching this will be displayed in the graphics again in more detail .

The detailed Test you will find a profile, from which you can not pull enough out of the information. However, differences in the use of free text to be found. This can be gestanten individually, which some members benefit more than others. In addition to this, you can also answer questions, such as how the perfect day for a could look. You should at least use one of the options, in the ideal case, but both! This is your Chance to set yourself apart, and your individual characteristics on the other. So that your possible dream partner, you can evaluate better, and you a convincing first write a message that relates exactly to you and your preferences .

Practice test.

In the Test no Fakes but, on the contrary, only interested and high-level Singles noticed us. Both men and women here are seriously Dating and want to meet someone, you are not just superficial-I, but also happy can be. Particularly women may feel on LemonSwan very well, because honesty and “clean” communications are written in large.

The lime green Design is in contrast to the market leaders in red and blue. The entire page is simple and easy, with no unnecessary features or ads disturb.

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