Hi5 Test September 2019 – Only Fakes or real Dates

allows the user some questions

hi5 in the Test of September 2019.

hi5 was one of the first Social Media platforms on the Web. After the Start in 2004, the Portal has already made it in 2007, according to Myspace, is the second-largest network in the world. Even though the offer comes from the United States, are to be found there, however, mainly Users from Latin America, Thailand, and Cambodia.

The current operator of The Meet Group, Inc., which, among other things, our winner of the test LOVOO has to offer. In our detailed test report we clarify whether the operator has a further Dating pearl in the offer and a registration is also worth it as a German user .

Quick and easy registration, sign-in with Google+- and Facebook-Account friends can be imported from your Mail address book, the user name can be changed at any time .

In hi5 you’re quick to start: The registration goes quickly and does not require from you a lot of information. Except for the first and last name, your date of birth, and place of residence, only needs to be entered in the mail address and a password. To verify you simply click on the Link in the E-Mail, or copy the sent Code into the form. Practical: hi5 offers you to browse the contacts in your address book for friends and to add automatically. However, this can be in relation to the protection of privacy is also a concern. Optionally, login with your Facebook – or Google+-Account is also possible.

Your user name is initial of your first name and the first letter of your last name, but can be at any time and indefinitely changed often. Immediately after the first Login contact suggestions are displayed based on age and Region .

Profile position.

Visually, completely customizable profile, embedding of additional boxes, images, and Youtube Videos of an Unlimited definable free text fields profile-Themes can themselves and with the Community shared created visibility of information is restricted .

The profile design is the Highlight of hi5: Your appearance is both from the General structure, as well as visually, is almost completely customizable. In addition to variables such as background image and Font, also can be the outline completely to your own Wishes. Additional free text fields, as well as new boxes with pictures, Videos, or Text can be added. The so-created “Skins” you can save and share them with the Community. Also you can select the database from more than 140,000 Skins .

The pre-defined fields that do not need to be mandatory used are: gender, place of residence, age, relationship status, languages, sexual orientation, and favorite music, movies, TV shows, books, sports, and interests. If that’s not enough, you can insert an unlimited number of new free-text fields. You can upload as many photos as you want.

It is up to you and your creativity: Although it is possible, the profile in five minutes to fill out, you can deal in several hours .

The visibility can be restricted for other users. The gradations are “All”, “my country/friends/Matches” and “friends/Matches”. Optionally, this is also the case with the display in the search results.


More than 60.000.000 users worldwide, with Relatively few Users from Germany Extremely high percentage of Fake, Decoy and Scam profiles.

The Service has to self-disclosure more than 60.000.000 users worldwide. The effect is impressive, but most of them are in the United States, Thailand, and Cambodia. But don’t worry: In Germany, the Profiles are also sufficiently available.

The typical hi5 users are under 35 years of age, the gender distribution can be referred to as the offset. However, the acquaintances are treated with caution: Fakes, Scamming, and Decoy Profiles are a very big Problem on the platform. Almost all of the search results ed model photos and we also received a number of dubious messages from all Parts of the world. So be skeptical and question the intentions of the author necessarily, in order not to be disappointed .

Poorly completed Profiles outweigh the visibility to private spheres-setting severely restricted User warn each other from Scammers.

So extensive are the ways to create a beautiful and personal profile, so they are rarely used: In our Region were mostly not really rich filled in. In the Test, we found in addition to a extremely high number of private profiles, we could not see .

As already mentioned, hi5 a huge problem with fake profiles. Here’s a closer look is advised – a lot of other Users mark scammers among the Tags with a GIF. Users can with one click to both, as also reported blocked.

Contact the manufacture.

Search settings a Lot of opportunities to get to Know the shipping from the heart-visit list, and the display of “Like are unsatisfactory to me,” only for VIP-User with All important contact options for free.

The search can provide a starting point to get to Know. The Filter options are restricted to the bare Essentials: gender, age range and distance must satisfy. If you click on “Advanced” (advanced) will be disappointed – only the searched-for relationship status, you can also enter. Unfortunately, you are looking for a sorting option to the Online users in vain.

The classic contact is made on the profile of the counterpart. Here you will find the send the Button a message. In addition, you can send the heart (for a fee, must be paid for with Gold), or public comments. Shy may also like once photos or comment on.

On the Tinder-principle, the heading “Meet me based”: this is where photos are displayed and can be rated as “Like” or “No”. On conclusion of the Matches you will be informed by means of message. Also, the Pets-Game (described in more detail under the heading “Special Features”) may represent a first attachment point .

Positive, we find that all of the important contact ways are completely free and for unlimited use. The mail can be set to notifications, with just 30 variables, or completely disabled .


Confusing menu navigation FAQ section available in English only, No iOS App Store Mobile Web App is better designed.

The Desktop Version of hi5 is quite messy: The menu items do not open up partially, and also a logical outline in vain. After a certain period of time has been internalized, but the handling. Unfortunately, the assistance such as. the FAQ only available in English. Moreover, the Portal makes optically a rather dusty impression.

The mobile Web App is: This is a clear and fun. In addition, you can get the program for free in the Google Play Store for Android get. As soon as you look at it with an iOS device hi5 in the cell phone browser, you will also have an iPhone App recommended – when you click in the Apple App Store, the Software is no longer available.

In our Test, we had no technical problems; everything worked as it should. In part, the load times were pretty long.

Special Features.

Tags / Skins creating.

On hi5 you can let yourself be creative: the ability to self-Tag motifs (GIFs / stickers, which can leave other users) and to create profile designs. Other members can take over from the now gigantic database .

Meet me.

“Meet me” or “Meet Me” can be compared with Tinder: A picture of another member is shown, and you have the choice between “Like” and “No”. In the case of a positive Match, you’ll be notified.


“Pets” is a kind of game within the Hi 5-Community, which is actively used. Each member is automatically a Pet and can be purchased by other users, against $ Sd. As soon as someone has been bought, increasing the price. The point of the game? Questionable. However, you can get to know new people .

Hi5 in the practice test.

Very confusing at the beginning, a Sufficient number of users in Germany, Many Fake and Decoy Profiles Reger Pet trade.

After the registration, we have used a certain amount of time to find the Navigation fine. The structure is confusing, and the Translation of the hi5-Interfaces part is defective. The only available in English, the help-section, which is hidden at the very bottom, under “support”, allows the user some questions in the rain.

We were already after a short time, the first profile photo, Likes and messages, but mainly from the far abroad. Half of them tried to lure us quite blatantly on shady, third-party offerings and sites .

In our Region, many of the users were registered, a few of them but in the evening on the weekend online. For the majority of Users are obvious Fakes. Thus, a potential, real to Meet in the far distance moves…

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