Finya Test September 2019 – Only Fakes or real Dates

Finya in the Test of 2019.

in Finya you can friends and relations to search Finya is one of the most popular German Dating services on the Portal is financed exclusively through advertising, fast registration, free of charge, as a result, many dubious members.

Registration Process: 4,0 /5 Contact: 3,5 /5 Profile Information: 2,5 /5 App: Practice Test: 3,0 /5.

Our test report a Successful search for a partner or is it all Fake?

As the largest completely free Dating site in Germany, has Finya actually a lot to offer: Over a million members, many search functions, the possibility of Profiles in a very detailed design and criteria, which help users on their photos to see.

Finya sees itself not only as a Dating platform, but offers the members the possibility of friendships to make, and casual conversations with the opposite sex to lead.

Finya is constructed by an approach such as a social networking site à la Facebook. Users can be in love and to specify your current “Status” (“good”, “sad”, “lonely”,””, etc.) and what you like to do (e.g. “eat”, “second Kiss”, “cooking” or promising “you tell me. “). In addition, contributions of other users with “I Like to be able to be” marked and there is a wall-similar to the “guestbook” function. As in the case of Facebook can send public messages to a user .

Also, the funding model of Finya is a free Internet service providers advertising. Thus, the user is also aware that all information, which he makes to be sold – even if anonymized, as Finya in the terms, conditions, and provides clear.

The number of members is large and activity is high. Contact comes quickly to able and a fully completed profile gives detailed insights into the preferences and interests of a user. The home page offers a smorgasbord of potential candidates, divided into the categories of “New and Interesting members”, “Attractive members” (this will be assessed on the basis of the users made “polls”), “last visits” and “Active members from my area”. So it is very easy to Finya get started and to plunge into the pleasure. And the Best part is – all Services are in full use, free of charge, to .

Like any free single market has Finya weak that we could not miss in our testing. But overall, the Portal offers especially for beginners, a good way to deal with the topic of Online Dating .

Advantages of Finya disadvantages of Finya 100% free for all members of the rough manners of the men of big variety of members, some of the Fakes, and poorly completed Profiles many design options for your own profile advertising many banner extensive Profile information be sold to third parties .

Awards Focus Money.

best single stock exchange, top reliability, best customer service, most popular brand.

Anyone who is registered here?

Singles from all professional and social classes find it easier to see surplus of men in new members directly on the home page, manners often disrespectful of Federal contact radius.

With more than a Million members Finya as a serious Dating can exchange quite see. Even if the proportion of men is 56 percent higher than the proportion of women is balanced, the ratio is still quite .

The men, however, the lower the level in Finya, unfortunately, occasionally. While many Finya want to fall in love with women like to, search some of the gentlemen rather to erotic adventures or unimportant pastime. The problem is the way it is, however, as the desire for erotic activities is communicated.

Finya Test September 2019 - Only Fakes or real Dates but to specify

A message will not be answered there are people who send more messages in Spam-like manner until the block function is used .

Unfortunately, there are Finya in addition, many of the Profiles, which have not been used for a long period of your users. Many messages go into the Void, Finya seems to dispose of his “dead” on a regular basis. Since Finya is completely free, have accumulated with time, so some of the Profiles, which merely served to pass the time. A pity for the people, the people are seriously looking for new contacts, and first by the many Finya-phantoms have to fight. In order to have at Finya success, it is worthwhile, therefore, to contact specific members that are online. Here the certainty is not that it is a register body from long-forgotten times .

On a positive note, you get display on your home screen directly when there are new members. Even if you’re in the Moment no time to write a message, you can set you with interesting Profiles on your Finya add to favorites and contact.

Members activity.

The activity of the members is to grow. It members are to be found at any time Online, even in the night around 4:00 some users seem to still find no sleep. However, many messages remain unanswered.

The joy of received messages lasted, unfortunately, in many cases, only briefly. Some ladies use Board Finya actually jump, to lure customer to paid websites. The whole runs in such a way that you get a charming, very nice message, in your heart, as a Single beats a little higher. But before you read the name of the sender, you will see the Link to another page, where you sign up you shall.

The registration process.

quick application in two steps, fast registration via Facebook possible to detect quickly whether the user name is still free-all the data is in the profile changeable on private computers always stay logged in.

Sign in to is very simple and beginner-friendly. If you used to log in to Finya Facebook, are you in within two minutes. However, in the case of a manual registration, you don’t need to for much longer. Most importantly, your E-mail confirmation. This will get you from Finya directly after the Transmission of your data a Link. Finya Test September 2019 - Only Fakes or real Dates in the
You click on him, you’re already in the middle of the action.

Warning : the Link has been sorted into the spam folder, so you should take a look in there, if your registration is confirmation to wait .

Very positive at the time of registration is that you will be displayed with a green check mark if your chosen username is already used by someone else .

Profile position.

To do a lot of you get when you take your Finya profile to fill out want. This is strongly recommended, because the only way you can stand out in half-hearted profiles. The profile is divided into different sections and in each section you can enter other Details about yourself:

The section “about me”

In this category, it will tell something about you. Here, the master data will be requested. What gender did you, how long your hair is, what are you working on, and much more. First of all, so only fill in work, but then follows the creative Part. You have of 5,000 characters available to create a personal Statement, you to convince your To can.

The Column “100 Questions”

Now it becomes tricky, because in Finya you can answer 100 questions, the have part really. In the first Moment, the amount of questions seems daunting, but you don’t have to them all in a day answer. You always have the option of storing all of your answers and on another day with the answer to continue. The questions are divided into the following categories:

Love and partnership in life-style character of the Exterior life, Cultural travel, food, and a professional Drink with friends and family Online Dating Irrational.

Every single question can be answered in a free text with up to 500 characters. Here you have the opportunity to properly collect points for creative answers to come, of course, good .

The heading “I search”

In the search section, there are not many setting options. Here you specify in the first step, whether you’re looking for a man or a woman, and then you select an age range. If you do not respond to this, you will be shown the persons of the desired sex, regardless of age. After that you can select, whether you are a partnership, a Flirt or an adventure, or nice people looking for.

The section “I like”

Hashtags, or keywords play in search of like-minded people often have a role. In the category of “I like”, you can specify individual terms that you positively feel. Here, words such as “cats, dogs, ice cream, lasagna can stand, go walking in the rain”, etc. We have the same for things you don’t like this you can hold on to in the corresponding field. A Person visits your profile, you can gain based on your keywords a first impression, whether their similarities have.

The Section “Favorite Brands”

The last category is the one that Finya then, but very clearly as an ad-supported page outs. Under “favorite brands” are intended to provide the user exactly what brands he prefers, be it alcoholic beverages, cars, fashion labels or cigarettes. All possible Brands are represented with a Logo that only has to be selected. If Jever or Gucci, whether Kellogg’s or Breitling, the selection of different brands is limitless, and women in particular, this section seemingly with joy .

Your profile can thus be designed very diverse, it takes several hours for time, if you carefully want to proceed. Our tip: If you’re serious with the partner, is invested that time well, because completed Profiles have more chances.

Who fills out this part of his profile, you will be prompted to create the account again, insistently, his favorite brands, but to specify. Finya says: “brands can testify, consciously or unconsciously, a lot about you. You show in your profile, what brands can you find well -”

That you want to enable with the brand information for your advertisers to reach the right audience and your advertising optimum want to customize, don’t announce it so loud. But if you want to use a free Service on the Internet, you should have this condition already accustomed to. And it remains a diagnosis, whether he wants to make this information .

Tips for a more successful profile.

Tip 1: Answer all of the questions! You’ll get the opportunity to answer 100 questions, use them! The more accurate you are, the more your opponent learns at the first sight of you. Finya Test September 2019 - Only Fakes or real Dates again its
Tip 2: A photo is a must! If you want to have success, is a welcoming profile picture is essential. No one wants to buy the famous cat in the Sack, this is true in life as in Dating. Tip 3: 5,000 characters for good luck! The personal Statement is important if you want your tell a little about yourself. Your profile seems to be much more interesting, if you’re willing to invest a bit of time in nice words. Tip 4: Fill the profile out! The key features of your Profile are something like the business card of Dating. Your To curious and want to get the stitch point, like a first impression of you. Don’t skip out on these details, if you want to find a Partner! Tip 5: First, the private impression has been created. Smoking or non-Smoking? Long-distance relationship or move? These questions are important for potential partners, therefore, you answer, to make it easier to profile visitors the choice for you .


Chat when you are both online to leave messages guestbook for the first contact right answers fast, comprehensive search functions, and no comment function for photos.

Directly on the home page, you will see the members whose Profiles you can view.

On the profile of a member there are two symbols, the envelope leads to the mailbox, the speech bubble is directly in the Chat. Both functions are fit for purpose and comply with their Use. Who hopes to send too many Smileys or photos, will be disappointed by Finya unfortunately .

You don’t want to wait for it to be self-addressed or you will find a picture on the home page, like this one, there are at Finya various ways to search for appropriate contacts:

Life partner.

Here you can enter all the search criteria to find a suitable match – gender, age range, Externals, signs of the zodiac, or photo-Voting rating score (see below under Voting for further information on valuation note).

He who has no desire to search criteria and Profiles to sift through, can the images in the gallery simply by profile by clicking on it. These are randomly selected, and an assessment arises (for the time being) solely on the basis of appearance. When a potential contender like, you can view his profile, or him only once on the shopping list. But it is mainly on the appearance, or if you just want to get a quick Overview of the offer on Finya, will have at the gallery-function joy .

To be a bit superficial, then there is the Voting function. Here the user will be shown two pictures of two users, out of which he then has to choose which one appeals to him the most. So the opportunity to make attractive candidates find results playful again. In addition, each user receives a rating between 0.0 and 10.0. All user votes for a photo, it receives the point number 10. If a photo is never clicked, it will be rated with a 0. Although many people prefer the photo as reject, it gets a grade of 5,0. As mentioned above, you can specify in the search criteria, what minimum grade should a potential Partner. As a small Disclaimer Finya writes then: “don’t Take the Voting too seriously. True beauty still comes from the Inside!“. Users can also set that you want to be excluded from the Voting .

So shallow this game is, you have to say, it’s fun and it’s hard to stop – certainly something Finya with the Voting game aims to its users (= advertisement receiver) and hold for as long as possible on the page .


If you chose once a promising match, we can contact by personal message , Chat or Bulletin Board-like “guestbook”. Also the Option to draw the profile of another of “Like” is a way to draw attention to themselves .

You will be harassed or not, wants to contact you can lock a profile immediately, or in the case of a rule violation report to Finya .

Profile information.

many design options are many, likeable profile photos a good source of information when the information is available very few, well-filled out Profiles boring view of the Profiles.

Although there is on the part of Finya great possibilities for the design of the profile, it seems to be the most members to tedious to create a really great profile. While many of the and also quite likeable profile photos are right in the System on-the-go, but the written information is more than poor.

Of about 100 visited profiles, only five had answered a few questions from the 100 questions, and only 11 people, a personal Statement was available. On this Basis, it is to send difficult personal news, since there is no suspension point in the profile .

The Profiles are filled out, however carefully, offer you abundant Material for conversation and allow already before the first contact with an impression about the other Person. A bit boring in the profile view, however. The plain White in the Background and the aggressive pop-up advertising can detract from the fun of the profile hopping .

no mobile App is available to use via web browser possible mobile Version of Finya error is not loaded all functions are available.

A proper App there are not from Finya currently and it is not aware of whether or not such is in the planning stage. However, Finya for 2014 in the mobile Version. The Portal over the phone, you need a web browser and an Internet connection.

Finya Test September 2019 - Only Fakes or real Dates brands can

The page layout through the web browser in the mobile Version is working in spite of LTE is very slow, which demands a lot of patience. It would of course be desirable to have a Finya App, which is as extensive as the Website.

Again and again it came in the Test to load difficulties, the pages were not accessed or were not found. There are some flaws, and we can recommend mobile use only in an emergency, when an urgent message is to be answered. Furthermore, the mobile Version is slimmed down significantly, here you can take part in the Voting, even Profiles on the gallery search.

Practice test.

Our Test Finya was very controversial, while some of the points have excited it, in turn, gave criteria that do not fit absolutely to a good Dating platform .

The registration and profiling has impressed us from the beginning, because as one of the few portals Finya offers really variety in the profile position. To answer even if it’s quite a chore 100 questions, it’s fun, it’s about other people to give a first impression .

The fun was not marred significantly when we had to find the other members make in so much effort, almost no one had answered the 100 questions. This raises the question of how serious it is to the users of Finya with your intentions. But we didn’t want to judge rashly, and have only gone once to profile search .

Although the Portal is originally from the North of Germany, is compensated for the number of members from the whole of Germany. Whether in Munich or Frankfurt, Berlin or Bremen, search results there are almost everywhere. What is amazing is that there are a lot of photos without a single word, but with multiple images. Even if a picture can say more than words, the lack of personal reference and address, even if the Statement was omitted .

When sending messages it is to get in contact with advisable to primary members who are online or you’ve seen online and in your favorites list. Since many dead files in the System are it is not uncommon that messages end up in Nirvana and never be answered .

Also, the question of the number of Fake Profiles came to us in this context again and again. Since Finya costs nothing, the page is particularly attractive for Fakes and scammers.

Our Test-contacts – 5 species for a first message.

1. Funny.

A 29-year-old IT-ler with the name “go-and-get_it”, I asked: “Well what do You want “go-and-get”-en. ” and wondered whether the “it” should point to the Underscore in his Pseudonym, perhaps, an Italian origin. So, I asked continue thereafter.

The direct, “funny” request was not received so well, because I was taught time that you start a message with a “Hello”. After all, he replied, and then had a conversation. Ironically, he said that he was looking for a rich, 70-year-old Omi. My (relatively detailed) profile, he is marked with “I like”. An indication that a carefully filled-in, meaningful profile is half the battle .

2. To be honest.

A journalist, may be preferred in his description of quite a lot of demands on a woman who turned to his imagination (RTL2-watch the romance of a book and the Congo and Syria will not be held for holiday destinations), and on any of its seven photos a little bit of the teeth showed, I wrote:

“Hi! You seem to have also slightly higher claims 🙂 that You look at Your photos so seriously. Would like to see your Smile!“

This honest contact was well received! The Journalist admitted to have not so high expectations, strengthened again its Position that it is not easy to find a woman with brains and fun-factor, and apologized for his grim photos. Although he asked no question which would have led the conversation continues, his 3-movement message, but did not contain at least 2 Smileys. This is always a good sign 🙂

3. Naughty.

Babuun, who described himself in his profile as follows:

“Hello, my name is Damian! I am searching for a girlfriend. I’m a down-to-earth, very sporty and clever. If You want to know more, write to me !”,

“Hi Babuun, I would like to know more! Why do You think You’re so clever?!“

Babuun, aka Damian, was delighted with my message and explained to me that he thinks he’s not so clever, but just trying to describe as briefly and precisely as Possible. From his experience, not long even worth the description, “since the eh no one reads through”. Nevertheless, he also writes that my “meaningful[it] and sympathetic[it]” profile like.

Conclusion: The cheeky request was well received and I was again encouraged that a carefully completed profile is worth it .

4. Seriously.

A member of my self-description with “I like” had marked, I looked at me more closely. In his own description, he started the attempt at a sense of entitlement (“I like other the thoughts, and I’m always surprised by what in terms of values, appearance, life is about setting so, even if you don’t expect anything.”). So I gave myself respectable and went of that, I wrote:

“Hi! Nice that You like my self-description. Also Your attitude I find very, very good to the point! Somehow you can’t leave up to his expectations most of the time, even if you aim for the. But expectations are maybe not necessarily a bad thing, as long as they are not unfounded prejudices. What do You mean?“

This also came back well and carried the tray simple to explain his life philosophy to be more precise:

5. Personally.

A 29-year-old teacher, stating that he has “no desire to have children” is, I wrote: “Hi, Adorno! You quenched the work as a teacher so that You don’t want kids or has this other reasons?“. Apparently, this message was just a bit too personally, because I received no response.

Design & Operation.

to use, very beginner friendly and well functions are self-explanatory Design is very plain and often drab font size is too small for the visually impaired advertising is annoying after a short time.

Finya is easy to use and is therefore recommended for beginners very. Even if you delete Finya, you have no difficulties and can direct on your profile your Account remove.

The most common functions agree almost completely by itself, only the range of Matching is somewhat misleading. Under the concept of Matching most Dating users understand a System, which searches for matching persons. In Finya Matching means only that two people have added your photo to each other with a heart. Whether similarities are present or if a possible partnership is in question, can not be determined by means of Finya Matching, however .

The Design of the Website is however open to criticism and fairly in the years to come. The single, color brightening points are banners, one of which is more than enough are available. Finya is funded by advertising, so the need is clear, but the side banners, not click away, advertising overlapping the use of the portal make it very.

In General, the font size of Finya could be somewhat larger, because some figures are very bad. For people with low vision can arise problems, especially the explanations of the individual sections are written very small and interfere therefore.

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