Chappy Test September 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates

Chappy Test September 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates

Chappy in the Test of September 2019.

Chappy is a fast-growing App for gay men. Swiping to the right or to the left, you can decide whether you and the other User likes it or not. Find out here whether to take the Dating App is suitable to your great love, or rather spend some nice hours together. Find out whether the App is really free and what are the practical Features here to wait for you. Many of the Fake Users are on-the-go, or the App is reliable and reputable?

The Sign-Up Process.

Very easily via Facebook or phone number possible picture, date of birth and first name to be in registration with the phone number data is required to be taken from Facebook when you log in so that profile information can be voluntarily filled in After logging in you will see directly of the men in your vicinity.

The application is very simple. If you have a Facebook Account, you can sign up with just one click. Your data are taken directly, but have no fear, on Facebook is this posted nothing. You register with your phone number, you’ll need to by a 4-digit Code to verify you will be sent to you within a few seconds, then you can specify your name and date of birth. Your path to other men, only the Upload of the profile picture for now. Here you can upload up to 6 pictures of you. Now you can choose whether you men want to find either a relationship or an adventure. For the relationship, you can choose #cute, for the adventure of #sexy. You’re indecisive, you can also choose the setting #cute & #sexy. Your profile information you can fill out at any time afterwards, or leave it open. Not a lot of information are in demand. You can only your profession, your place of work, and a free Text. Since there are hardly any data are needed, and these are also not visible to other Users, the Dating App anonymously.

The Members Of The Structure.

Dating App for gay men Users mainly between the ages of 18 and 35 years old The User to give openly what you are looking for a High activity rate, The majority is looking for a relationship.

Chappy Test September 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates

In the case of the members of the Dating App Chappy is 100% men. Like the Name “Chappy – The Gay App” already says, this is an App for men to other men to get to know. The members are mainly between 18 and 35 years old, and very responsive. If you like the Wipe many Profiles, is the Chance to get a Match, very large. The big advantage is that you can choose yourself what kind of men you are shown. So, you can directly in the category that comes for you in question, according to your dream Prince. A Match is concluded, the contact is usually a few moments later. You should be a Fake profile you can report it with just one click. It is also possible to block other Users – so you can also use the App then to proceed peacefully, if someone offends you or has harassed .

Profile information.

Often only the Name and age can free text be voluntarily filled images, the main focus of this App a Few Fake Profiles are is available displayed location automatically .

The Profiles are usually filled in rather poor when it comes to more detailed information. The main emphasis here is on the photos, these take up the whole screen and give below the Name and age of the Users. Scrolling further down, part of you can find have the “About me” written where some Users something. On the basis of the automatic stay, you can see how far other Users are away from you. For more information about the Match you have to then in the private Chat to find out. Mostly the Profiles are connected with Facebook better filled out than the one have been activated with the mobile number. When you sign in with Facebook here are the latest 6 profile images, Job and place of work will be taken over automatically. If you remain anonymous, you should sign-in on your mobile phone number select. This is for other Users not visible.


The contact is only a possible Match By a favorite star, you can show other users that you will find this great The Wipe and allows you to discover other User: To the left means no, right can mean the settings you matching User found, The proposed User will be determined on the basis of the distance .

Chappy Test September 2019 Only Fakes or real Dates

Chappy allows users a stress-free contact. The only way of contact is via the Match. For this purpose, you need to a User, you may right wipe, then appears a message which tells that you have a Match with another User. From the Moment of the Match for the User to see in your message Box. You can contact each other, now. In the case of a Match, the contact is usually within a few moments. A User, like you, can you swipe to the left and thus say “no”. This means for you is that you can not contact this man. A User do you like particularly well, you can mark these with a star, and this, therefore, say that you find him particularly good. Day 5 of these stars are available to you.

Design and functionality.

Simple and clear Design Little Features available in The App mainly consists of 3 Icons of Other Profiles is mostly Not the Browser Version will be available.

The Design of the Dating App is very simple and, above all, clear. Three Icons, you can reach all the necessary areas. The people Icon takes you to your profile, you can edit directly in this field. On the settings icon you can change the search parameters, you log out or your delete profile, here you can find information about the privacy of Chappy. The medium-sized Chappy-Icon leads you into the main area, the Matching. Here, you can, via a Slider above the image to decide whether or not you are in the categories of #cute, #sexy and #cute & #sexy look like. The news icon takes you to your Postbox. Here you can see what Matches you, who has written to you, or can remove a User from the Matches. The simple design of the App, there are no Special Features, which is not a bad thing, since it is only to contact other users .

A clear structure of pure Dating App without a web version For Android and Apple available Good customer service for Free.

The Chappy Dating App serves its purpose. On the basis of the distance, you can meet other gay men. Chappy only works in the App, a Web Version, there is not unfortunately. On the basis of the Chappy Icons you can see on the Smartphone directly when you have received new messages and Matches, here’s a Pop-up will appear on the Start and lock screen, which informs large-scale, what kind of news it is. On the settings you can turn notifications on and off. For Apple and Android devices the application via the respective Store is not available, the Download is, like the Rest of the App, completely for free.

Chappy has been in the Test as well. The application is easy to use, works very well on Android and Apple devices and also has few to hardly Fake User. To be contacted, you have to like other Users. This has the great advantage that you can not cover letter of each. So the number of messages is limited and you don’t have to deal with you with users like you, maybe not. Furthermore, it is not a lot of bells and whistles available, which Chappy would be slow and confusing to make. This is a and this is the getting to Know homosexual men. This is clearly the focus of the application. The User to give an open and honest way, what you’re looking for. This makes it especially for those who are in search of the great love very convenient because directly it is clear that both want the Same thing. Surprisingly, more men are here looking for a relationship as an adventure. The registration is very easy and fast. Here are the new feature that you can sign up not only by Facebook but also by mobile phone number. If you delete your profile want to, this is done at least as fast as the registration. Chappy is completely free to use and recommended if you’re looking for a gay man for a relationship, or a couple of hours together .

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